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PostHelpers lets you control how your entire sales and distribution network, your customers and your employees talk about your organization on social media.

PostHelpers is a great way to post content across Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages and profiles, with a call-to-action link in each post, as well as reward your customers for taking a picture of themselves interacting with the brand and sharing it with their friends.

"PostHelpers lets organizations use their customers, distributors and employees to get the word out on Social Media."

The Social Media Guide

What People Say:

  • Finally!!!! I love this application because like many, I too love social media but it can be so time consuming to go out and find something that is relevant to post. PostHelpers has made it very quick and simple to do and it just keeps getting better and better.

    Jason Hope

  • It will help suppliers create more value on their facebook page and give distributors a reason to visit a suppliers page more often. If you are on Facebook for personal and or business, you might as well have this PostHelpers loaded to your page in case you change your mind and want to create business through social media.

    Charley Johnson

  • PostHelpers made social media fun for our community and helped us get the word out like never before. When we started rewarding people for sharing their stories we saw our registrations go up.

    Jordan Hepner

  • Social Media has been one of the best ways for me to sell, and PostHelpers just makes it that much easier. The entire process is simple, I suggest you try it out...even if you are new to Facebook completely!

    Karen Silvers

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Our Customers Include:

Set Up Post Helpers in Four Simple Steps:


Install the App

Just install our Facebook application to your Facebook page, it’s just $99/month for unlimited users.


Suggest Things For Employees To Post

Upload content you want your employees, salespeople, locations and distributors sharing about your organization like white papers, sell sheets, press articles and catalogs.


Reward Customers For Sharing

Create an offer that encouraged people to share something about how they related to your organization.


See Everyone Talk About Your Organization

Now your customers, your team and your network can share your story on Facebook.

Contact Us:

Questions? Write to us & we'll help you out!

Case Studies:

Case Study: Major Consumer Brand

PostHelpers creates more than 16 million dollars of earned media

Executive Summary:

Connect an existing incentive program for a major consumer brand to their customers on Facebook and other social media platforms to increase usage and engagement.


Create Incentive based social sharing application to drive engagement


Use PostHelpers to connect existing rewards program with Facebook to drive increased participation via photo sharing social media.

Key Lessons:

  • People are already on Facebook so it’s easier to engage with them there, than to try and make them come to a brand’s website
  • People appreciate a reward for sharing picture of themselves, their friends or their family.
  • People want a Brand to help them share things about themsleves

Case Study: Major Print and Promotions Company

PostHelpers empowers more than 800 salespeople with social content

Executive Summary:

Give more than 250 franchises of a major print and promotions company a social media content strategy that would empower their mroe than 800 salespeople with social media appropriate for them to share on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.


Get more than 800 salespeople talking about what they sell on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.


Use PostHelpers to deploy social media content to more than 250 Facebook pages and more than 800 Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn profiles.

Key Lessons:

  • Salespeople are often unsure of what to post about their company on social media and appreciate when content is suggested for them.
  • Marketing dramatically improved the content they create when they can see how each piece of content performs across their entire sales network.
  • People want to hear about the organisation from the salesperson they know and trust and not from head office.


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